First of all, is transferring data such as music, videos, photos, etc., between an iPhone mobile phone to an Android phone possible? Well, that’s a yes. However, it may not be that too easy. Well, you can always try to put the data of your iPhone to a computer and then transfer them to an Android mobile device via USB cable.

But this may take you some time and patience. And don’t you worry! There’s a much quicker and easier way to transfer data between iPhone and Android. With the help of Dr. Fone Switch, you’ll have the power to effectively transfer the data you wish between iPhone and Android phone.

Also, did you know that Dr. Fone perfectly works for more than 6000 smartphones and tablets including Apple, Samsung, OPPO. Huawei, Sony, and other huge brands? Well, yes that’s right – this only shows how remarkable this application is!

So, for us to help you how to use this wonderful transferring software, we have provided some step-by-step tutorial below. Well, let’s just go ahead and get into the details, shall we?

Method: With Dr. Fone Switch

Are you looking for a way to effortlessly transfer data between an iPhone and an Android mobile device? Well, search no further – Dr. Fone Switch is here to save day. And if you’re wondering how to use it, you might want to take a look below.

Step 1: To begin, you will need to install the program on your computer. Once the installation is done, run Dr. Fone Switch and then proceed to the next step. NOTE: You will need to allow “Trust Your Computer” on your iPhone if this is your first time connecting your phone to your computer.

NOTE: The download may or may not take some time, so be patient. Also, the download time depends on the speed of your internet connection. What’s amazing is you don’t need to have iTunes installed on your computer for this software to work.

Step 2: While Dr. Fone Switch is running, proceed and connect both your iPhone and Android mobile phones via USB cable. Then wait for the program to recognize both your devices. Once your devices are detected, it will show that your phones connected.

NOTE: Don’t forget to set the iPhone as the “Source” and the Android phone as the “Destination. If you need to switch the position of the phones, the “Flip” button is there to help you with that.

Step 3: Select the contents you wish to transfer from your iPhone to your Android mobile phone. Also, take note that it is impossible for you to transfer App and App Data between an iPhone and an Android device.

Step 4: To begin the actual transferring of your iPhone’s data to your Android mobile phone, just click “Start Transfer” and it should instantly transfer the selected data from your iPhone to your Android mobile device.

And that’s how you use Dr. Fone Switch to move iPhone data to another Android mobile device. See how easy it is to use this one of a kind transferring software? Not only that using Dr. Fone is easy, it is also safe to use!

Furthermore, it does not only allow you to transfer data, but also lets you move other important files including music, videos, contact, call logs and many more! And without a doubt, you’ll be amazed how this outstanding application can help you transfer files much better than before.

Well, there are more features that Dr. Fone Switch can offer to you and other iPhone users – that is for sure! And that’s for you to find out yourself. Moreover, you might want to try this powerful transferring program as soon as possible – it’ll be worth its price undoubtedly! With this, transferring files from phone to phone or phone to computer is much easier, quicker, safer and of course, better.

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Have you ever found yourself desperately searching for texts you have sent or received to someone in the past only to find that they have been deleted? There are a few ways to go about retrieving deleted texts if you are the owner of an iPhone 5 or 6 that will allow you to read them or utilize them as you see fit. If one method is not useful for you, there are alternative options that can help you get the messages you have sent with ease, regardless of what you may need your text messages for personally. Whether you are in need of text messages for personal or business purposes, there are various ways to go about getting them back onto your device in little to no time at all. In some cases, visiting your local iPhone store provider is a way for you to receive assistance throughout the process of retrieving the text messages you need or desire on your phone.

Recovering Text Messages From Your iPhone Without a Backup

One of the first steps to recover your text messages from an iPhone without a backup is to download a iphone recovery program directly to your computer while also ensuring your iPhone is also plugged into your computer simultaneously. The recovery program itself extracts information from your phone, allowing you to browse its content as the process is beng completed. In addition to recovering some of your text messages that have not been backed up it is also possible to restore various programs and other tools you may have had on your iPhone in the past.

Using a recovery program is ideal if you have not backed up your iPhone in the past or if you are looking for specific information that cannot be found without a program altogether. A recovery program is an ideal solution if you do not prefer backing up your phone’s information yet you have important information you would like to find and recover in the future.

Restoring Text Messages on Your iPhone Using a Backup

If you do back up the data you have on your iPhone, it is possible to retrieve lost text messages among other information with the iTunes backup from Apple directly. Going through the backup process with Apple allows you to select the type of data you want to restore, giving you quick access to your text messages and other data you may want to restore. This method is only possible if you are using the traditional method of texting with your iPhone 5 or 6, rather than downloaded texting software applications and plugins. The iMessage app is able to provide you with all of the messages you have sent in the past in chronological order.

Using this method is a great way to retrieve your iPhone’s texts in chronological order and without sifting through a myriad of files that are accessible using iTunes backup for Apple. Instead, simply click on the text message folder and retrieve your data and the messages you need individually or as a group to help with saving time while restoring your data.

Pulling Deleted Text Messages on Your iPhone From the Cloud

With the innovation of “the cloud”, it is now possible to utilize the iCloud app to restore text messages among other items such as music, documents, and photos or videos. If you do not wish to use the iTunes backup option, the iCloud app is available to assist with the process, regardless of the texts you are searching for or the type of media you want to restore, as it is all there and available in one location.

Using the iCloud app is simple and involves intuitive design, helping those who are unfamiliar with the app itself to get adjusted to its features and functions fairly quickly. Once you have retrieved all of the data from your iCloud app, you can then browse through your text messages and the type of content you want to save to your computer or back to your iPhone with ease.

Knowing your options when browsing for old texts is a surefire way to save time based on whether or not you have used a backup in the past or if you prefer Apple’s iTunes backup or iCloud apps. With the use of various types of technology, ensure you are able to read all text messages you have sent in the past, even if you have them currently deleted on your phone. If you are unable to access your text messages or if the iTunes and iCloud apps are not working properly for you, be sure to visit an official Apple provider or store for assistance to get your information back while allowing you to retrieve the text messages you want to review or need for any purpose. Once you understand the best method to retrieve your texts, you can utilize it in the future if you are ever in need of recovering additional data, photos, or messages you have sent to others.