Remo Recover for Android is an application capable of recovering files lost due to accidental deletion for your Google OS smartphone. In addition, it restores data after an SD card format, such as APK files, music, videos, and images.

The application verifies both the internal and external memory of the device, identifying deleted or lost files, including package files from Android applications (APK), and recovering them for use. Through Remo Recover for Android you can preview all the recoverable files before deciding which ones to save. The whole process is done in a quick and efficient manner, and is completely safe.

Main Features:

  1. Recover files lost due to accidental deletion;
  2. Restores data after accidental format of SD card;
  3. Retrieves Android application package files (.apk) along with other music, video and image files;
  4. Uses the robust engine of award winning Remo data recovery application.

Remo Recover for Android is a very simple application, but promises to solve the file loss issue of so many users, restoring documents, pictures, videos, and applications accidentally deleted in the Google OS.

The program has a pretty interface, with solid metallic colors. In addition, the interface is highly intuitive and user-friendly. One of the highlights is the absence of buttons and complicated options, which facilitates the life of lay users. It really detects deleted or lost files with ease: Just connect your Android to the PC and the program will automatically recognize the OS, and will begin searching for documents, pictures, videos, and APKs. Remo Recover for Android is a great and simple solution for those in need of recovering lost files, and a good ally for careless users who need to keep the program close.